Canadian Solar’s e-STORAGE Releases Next Gen System


Canadian Solar says e-STORAGE, part of Canadian Solar’s subsidiary CSI Solar, is launching SolBank 3.0.

This latest iteration of its utility-scale storage system is housed in a 20-ft container and can power up to 2.35 MW with a capacity of 5 MWh, says the company. It adds that SolBank 3.0 can potentially handle up to a 45% increase in product-level capacity and up to a 40% decrease in commissioning time, compared to its previous generation.

Also compared to its previous generation, Canadian Solar says the updated system’s thermal management system reduces auxiliary power consumption by up to 30% and is compatible with different power conversion systems. 

“SolBank 3.0 features exceptional new elements like higher energy density cells and advanced safety design,” says Colin Parkin, president of e-STORAGE. “In addition, our e-STORAGE team also provides value-added services, such as system capacity maintenance and augmentations, operation and maintenance, and plant optimization. I am very proud of our e-STORAGE team for their continuous efforts in innovation and delivering to our customers the best-in-class energy storage solutions.” 

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