Carlo Gavazzi Introduces Eos-Array


Carlo Gavazzi, a global manufacturer of automation components, has released the Eos-Array, a control solution for solar photovoltaic applications.

The Eos-Array is a combination of modules that perform the complete control of a photovoltaic plant. The product's core unit is the VMU-M, which performs the local bus management of both measuring units, the VMU-S and the VMU-P, as well as the I/O unit, the VMU-O.

The VMU-M assigns the proper local unit address automatically and gathers all the local measurements coming from VMU-S and VMU-P measuring units, the company explains. The VMU-M can provide, by means of VMU-O modules, two relay outputs to manage alarms and/or external loads (such as a lighting system, a PV washing system, etc.) and two PV panel temperature inputs.

The VMU-S is the DC power measuring unit (generated by PV panel), which features a built-in fuse holder. The VMU-P collects relevant environmental data (through external sensors) such as wind speed, air temperature and sun irradiation. The Eos-ArraySoft is freeware software, which either automatically or manually can download the Eos-Array system memory to the PC, for further PV plant efficiency calculations and alarm analysis.

Carlo Gavazzi: (847) 465-6100

SOURCE: Carlo Gavazzi

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