Carmanah Introduces EverGEN Solar Engine


Carmanah Technologies Corp., Victoria, British Columbia, has introduced the EverGEN solar engine. Available in five models ranging from 10 to 80 watts in power, EverGEN solar engines are self contained, solar-powered energy sources designed for locations where grid-supplied electricity is unavailable.

According to the company, EverGEN solar engines can be installed in minutes, with minimal technical expertise. The self-contained units incorporate all components (including solar panels, battery systems, sensors and electronics) within a compact pole-mounted design.

EverGEN solar engines are designed to power a range of third-party technologies – from lights and sensors to cameras, Wi-Fi hotspots and other low-voltage electronics. When paired with Carmanah's line of LED luminaires, EverGEN solar engines become stand-alone lighting solutions, the company says.

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