CBD Energy, Westinghouse Solar Note 5 MW Order


Westinghouse Solar Inc., a designer and manufacturer of integrated rooftop solar power systems, and CBD Energy Ltd., a diversified renewable energy company, have entered into an agreement to begin distributing 5 MW of Westinghouse Solar Instant Connect solar power systems to Harvey Norman Commercial Division in Australia.

‘To put this agreement in perspective, this order results in an increase that more than doubles our volume of shipments from the preceding year,’ notes Westinghouse Solar CEO Margaret Randazzo. ‘Additionally, this demonstrates how we can leverage the global model and international market access that CBD offers, and gives us the opportunity to grow revenue outside the U.S. market without punitive tariffs.’

The purchase commitment is expected to be delivered over approximately six months following certification, and is subject to the system's being certified in Australia. The certification process is currently under way and is expected to take approximately three months to complete, according to the companies.

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