CCEF Completes 100th Solar System In Connecticut


The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF), administered by Rocky Hill, Conn.-based Connecticut Innovations, has completed its 100th solar photovoltaic (PV) system in the state under its Solar PV Rebate Program.

Through participating installers, the Solar PV Rebate Program offers rebates of up to $46,500 to help decrease homeowners' costs of installing solar PV systems. Andy Bauer and Joanna Schnurman – the Portland owners of the 100th system – will receive a rebate of approximately $10,800 provided by CCEF for their 2.4 kW system.

‘To assist an even larger pool of residents and encourage residents to install more substantial systems, we have recently expanded our Solar PV Rebate Program and now apply our rebates to systems of up to 10 kW,’ says Lise Dondy, CCEF's president.

Bauer and Schnurman's system was installed by Sunlight Solar Energy of Milford, Conn., and is expected to supply 30% or more of their electricity needs, CCEF adds.

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