CentroPlan Plans 8 MW Of Solar For German Supermarkets


CentroPlan, a joint venture of CENTROSOLAR Group AG and Pohlen Bedachungen GmbH, plans to develop 100 roof-mounted PV systems with an aggregate output of 8 MW on the outlets of a Germany-based discount grocery chain.

The arrays will be installed by Pohlen Solar, a fully owned subsidiary of Pohlen Bedachungen. The retail outlets are expected to meet up to 45% of their electricity requirements with the solar systems, which will each have an output of approximately 80 kW.

According to the companies, even at the wholesale prices that trade and industry can expect, the projects are expected to be cost-effective for the grocery stores thanks to the sharply reduced cost of PV technology, especially when the expected annual increases in electricity prices are built into the equation.

The project is due for completion by midyear.

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