Centrosolar America Debuts Upgraded CentroData System


Centrosolar America has introduced an upgraded CentroData solar monitoring system. According to the company, the revised product's user-friendly programs can make it easier for homeowners to track their photovoltaic solar system's energy output.

Centrosolar's CentroData is a hardware and software application that generates real-time reporting on PV system performance. Installed near the PV system power inverter unit, and connected to a wall inside or outside of the home, the system continuously monitors the solar system's performance while sending real-time data wirelessly.

Previously able to send data only to an Internet-connected device, CentroData has now been updated to a commercial-grade energy meter and Web-enabled portal that is designed to collect, store and upload a wide range of energy data, Centrosolar explains.

SOURCE: Centrosolar America

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