Centrosolar Debuts Centro-Pack.com Portal For PV Installers


Centrosolar America, the U.S. subsidiary of Munich, Germany-based Centrosolar Group AG, says it will fully launch Centro-Pack.com, a new online portal, next month.

The portal supports the company's CentroPack packaged photovoltaic system for residential rooftop solar installations. The CentroPack provides U.S. installers with a turnkey system, pre-packaged with all the components needed to install an approved residential rooftop PV system – including the PV panels, mounting systems, inverters, and all the electrical and other needed hardware.

According to the company, the launch of Centro-Pack.com represents an emerging model for a different kind of solar manufacturer-installer relationship. With Centro-Pack.com, installers will be able to create on-the-spot quotes for their clients that factor in all the design specifications and parts needed to install the entire project with one tool, as well as predict system performance and customer savings for their first year of use.

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