Centrosolar Debuts Photovoltaic Module Mounting System For Flat Roofs


Hamburg, Germany-based Centrosolar has developed a new, aerodynamic flat-roof mounting system for photovoltaic modules. This system enables PV arrays to be installed on flat roofs with minimum weight load and without damaging the roof cladding, according to the company.

Depending on the location, the system has a weight-per-unit area of less than 10 kilograms per square meter. It can be installed on all flat foil roofs at an angle of up to three degrees.

The substructure is mounted on the roof by means of a combination of ballasting and welding with the roof membrane. As part of this process, the welding absorbs the horizontal wind pressure. According to Centrosolar, this design significantly reduces the ballasting required, which then must absorb only vertical wind pressure.

SOURCE: Centrosolar

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