Centrosolar Glas Introduces Thinner Photovoltaic Module Glass


Centrosolar Glas GmbH & Co. KG has developed the Centrosol thin glass, a new glass for photovoltaic modules and solar thermal collectors that the company says is 2.3 mm or 2.6 mm thick, depending on the model.

The company has reduced the glass' thickness by almost 30% compared to previous models, while maintaining the same mechanical resistance due to process optimization. Until now, single-pane safety glass could only be produced with a minimum thickness of 3 mm, Centrosolar Glas says.

The glass also offers the advantage of higher light transmission and extends the operating life of PV modules, the company adds. The thermal conductivity of glass is higher than that a backing film, reducing the cell operating temperature of a glass-glass module and improving efficiency, especially in hot climatic conditions.

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