Centrosolar Unveils Redesigned Solar Roof Tile


Centrosolar AG has completed a revised version of its solar roof tile S-Class Deluxe. The frame for this photovoltaic module is now completely black, creating a visually pleasing appearance, the company says.

The Deluxe module features polycrystalline or monocrystalline cells and is available in performance classes of 190 W and 195 W. All versions come equipped with anti-reflective glass, which enhances the photovoltaic installation's yield by up to 6%, according to the company.

The tile measures 1,682 mm long and 864 mm wide, and it weighs 17.5 kg. Centrosolar provides a five-year product warranty and a 26-year performance guarantee. S-Class Deluxe creates solar energy while also replacing the roofing material.

SOURCE: Centrosolar AG

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