CHAD Industries Releases Semi-Automatic Solar Simulator


CHAD Industries Inc., a supplier of factory automation solutions for the electronics, semiconductor and solar manufacturing industries, in conjunction with Alpha Omega Power Technologies, has introduced a line of automated solar simulators.

These units are intended for low- to high-volume production of concentrated photovoltaic products. The solar simulator is produced by Alpha Omega Power Technologies and can provide up to 1000x suns in a 1 millisecond flash. Performance data are collected and logged for each device that is tested, using Alpha-Omega's SSDAQ data acquisition system and QuickIV software. The software can generate wafer maps, binning information and seamless database support.

CHAD Industries has augmented the solar simulator with a manually loaded nest and probe system. Tooling will accommodate bare cells, mounted cells on substrates, or full receiver assemblies. The illumination area is shielded to prevent stray light from getting in or out of the test area, the company adds. Parts can be tested at rates up to 2 units per second, but throughput is generally dictated by operator handling time. The system features a bench-top flash lamp assembly and a floor-standing 19-inch rack cabinet.

SOURCE: CHAD Industries

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