Champlain Cable Corp. Creates Cable Wire For PV Arrays


Champlain Cable Corp. of Colchester, Vt., has entered the renewable energy industry with two new cable solutions for photovoltaic arrays. The Exar 150PV and the Exar 180PV are both UL-rated photovoltaic wires.

Due to the extreme environmental conditions to which photovoltaic panels are subjected, most standard solar panel wires are unable to last as long as typical PV panel warranty periods. One cause of degradation is temperature extremes, the company explains. Photovoltaic panels also are exposed to high amounts of UV radiation, water and steam, which cause a quick degradation of insulation on standard wiring. The Exar 150PV and 180PV were designed to handle these extreme environmental conditions.

Exar 150PV has a 90 degrees C wet rating, and the 180PV has a 100 degrees C wet rating, which makes them ideal for the environmental extremes encountered by PV array components, says Champlain Cable Corp. The Exar 150PV and 180PV are made out of a robust irradiation cross-linked fluoropolymer-based material, which handles temperature extremes to 180 degrees C.

Champlain Cable's PV products are also formulated to naturally resist UV exposure and do not require specific color concentrates to block UV radiation.

Champlain Cable Corp.: (802) 654-4226

SOURCE: Champlain Cable Corp.

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