Charcoal Protekt Now Available From Madico


Madico Specialty Films has introduced Charcoal Protekt, a new product added to the company's existing line of backsheet products made with Protekt technology.

Developed in 2009, Charcoal Protekt has now been commercialized and is being shipped to customers. Charcoal Protekt is a PV backsheet that features a dark, discreet appearance that makes it ideal for building-integrated photovoltaics applications, the company says.

Charcoal Protekt is available in Protekt HD and Protekt TFB HD. Charcoal Protekt HD uses a high-performance film coating in a special process that, when applied to the base dielectric bonding layers of PET/EVA, result in a laminate with excellent stability characteristics for vacuum-laminating processes and outdoor use, according to Madico Specialty Films.

The Charcoal Protekt TFB HD uses a layer of aluminum foil, which provides optimal barrier properties, making the product ideal for thin-film technologies, the company adds.

Madico Specialty Films: (800) 225-1926

SOURCE: Madico Specialty Films

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