Chevron Installing 3.4 MW Solar Project For School District


Milpitas Unified School District, in collaboration with Chevron Energy Solutions (CES) and Bank of America, has begun construction on a 14-site, 3.4 MW solar power and energy efficiency program designed to supply 75% of the district's total annual electricity needs.

CES will construct parking canopies and shade structures mounted with solar photovoltaic arrays at 13 schools and one district site. The company will provide maintenance for the solar power system, as well as measure and guarantee its performance. CES will also install energy management software on the district's computers to improve energy efficiency.

Bank of America structured and provided financing for the project as part of its $20 billion environmental initiative. The California Solar Initiative and other incentives offset the overall cost of the program by $4.2 million.

SOURCE: Milpitas Unified School District

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