Chimed Farms Inaugurates 250 kW Solar Project


Chimed Farms, a beef cattle operation near Walkerton, Ontario, has completed a 250 kW PV system. The project was installed by Peak Builders Construction Services, a dealer of Fritz Construction Services of Chepstow, Ontario.

Leveraging Ontario's feed-in-tariff program, which was launched under the Green Energy Act in 2009, the new solar energy system is expected to produce energy generation revenue that will allow Chimed Farms to receive up to an 11% return on its investment. The company expects the installation to reach its financial break-even point in less than eight years.

The solar energy system uses 1,222 Conergy P modules and over 7,500 feet of Conergy's SunTop mounting system, manufactured in Ontario. According to Conergy, the SunTop mounting system was used for its aesthetic look, as it provides a uniform surface coverage and is fully integrated into the roof.

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