China Awaits EU Decision Before Releasing Its Own Probe Findings


The Chinese Ministry of Commerce's (MOC) probes into whether the European Union, the U.S. and South Korea illegally dumped solar-grade polysilicon into China are nearly complete, according to a report in the China Daily.

However, the MOC is reportedly withholding its preliminary findings until June in light of the European Commission's plans to slap Chinese solar products with an import tariff ranging from approximately 37% to 70%. The European Commission's preliminary ruling is expected by June 6.

According to the China Daily, China's probes have been near completion for a while now. An MOC source surnamed Zhang told the news agency, ‘China's announcement of the preliminary rulings of the trade investigations is behind schedule, but the Ministry of Commerce is probably waiting for the EU's official rulings of the solar panel investigations."

China launched its investigations into solar-grade polysilicon imported from the U.S. and South Korea in July 2012. Months later, in November, the MOC began a similar investigation into EU imports.

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