China Sunergy And University Of New South Wales To Work On New PV Wafer Materials


China Sunergy Co. Ltd. has signed a five-year collaborative research agreement with NewSouth Innovations Pty Ltd. (NSi), a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of New South Wales, Australia (UNSW), to develop new improved photovoltaic wafer materials.

The research aims to combine UNSW's hydrogenation technology with China Sunergy's experience in cell process to enhance the electrical properties of silicon wafers. Additionally, UNSW will provide the China Sunergy with research reports, as well as training and education.

‘We are very delighted to collaborate with UNSW and NSi,’ says Jianhua Zhao, chief technology officer of China Sunergy. ‘If this research proves successful, China Sunergy would gain significant competitive advantages and cost savings, as we will be entitled to deploy the resulting technologies throughout our product portfolio.’

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