China Sunergy Announces Selective Emitter Cell Production News


China Sunergy Co. Ltd., a specialized solar cell manufacturer based in Nanjing, China, says it has achieved encouraging initial results during commercial production of its selective emitter cells.

From November 10 to December 14, the company produced approximately 380,000 pieces of selective emitter cells on one of its six production lines, compared to approximately 36,000 pieces produced during October. The average daily conversion efficiency rates of the cells produced during the period were in the range of 17.1% and 17.9%, with the average conversion efficiency for the period being 17.5%. The company also observed that the peak efficiency reached 18.4%.

Despite the substantial increase in conversion efficiency rates, the company says its incremental costs, which consisted mainly of depreciation and other raw material costs, were marginal for selective emitter cell production over more traditional P-type cell production.

China Sunergy adds that it expects high-efficiency cell production output to be over 2 MW – up from the previously estimated 1.5 MW for 2008.

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