China Sunergy Reports Conversion Efficiency Of 20.26% For New Mono Cells


China Sunergy Co. Ltd. says its new monocrystalline solar cells have reached 20.26% conversion efficiency in the pilot research and development line.

The company says the cell design incorporates its Waratah and QSAR cell technologies in a new structure that enables it to achieve high conversion efficiency using normal wafers.

The new conversion efficiency record of 20.26% was confirmed by Fraunhofer ISE. In July, China's state council for photovoltaic industries set a target of 20% efficiency for production mono-crystalline cells.

China Sunergy says it plans to start commercial production of its high-efficiency cells by the end of this year.

‘As one of the members of China's 863 program to develop and commercialize high-efficient and low-cost crystalline silicon solar cells, we are committed to developing cutting-edge and strategic solar technologies," says China Sunergy Chief Technology Officer Jianhua Zhao." We are proud of our record achievement and aim to promptly deploy this new breakthrough for large-scale commercial application.’

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