China Sunergy Sells 5 MW U.K. Solar Project To Lightsource


China Sunergy Co. Ltd. has completed the sale of a 5 MW solar farm project to U.K.-based solar energy generator Lightsource Renewable Energy Ltd. The project, located in Cornwall, was connected to the grid at the end of March.

According to China Sunergy, the project was completed on land that has traditionally been farmed with a rotation of cattle and crops. The area used for energy generation covers 10% of the farm area, and income from the project will provide the farm owners with supplementary income. The agricultural output from the farm is expected to remain similar to its pre-development state.

In November 2012, China Sunergy launched investments in two U.K. solar farms, each with an installed capacity of 5 MW. The company says the sale of this first project marks a major milestone in its downstream business. The second project is scheduled to be completed in 2014.

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