Chinese Company Using Natcore’s Antireflective Coating


Natcore Technology Inc. has signed a letter of understanding to sell its first intelligent antireflective (AR) coating processing station to Hunan TLNZ Solar Technology Co. Ltd. (TLNZ) of Xiangtan, China.

Natcore says its technology can replace the expensive and environmentally harmful chemical vapor deposition method currently used by the industry with a liquid phase deposition (LPD), or wet chemistry, process. Exclusively licensed from Rice University, the Natcore LPD process grows an AR coating on solar cells while reducing cost, environmental damage, and energy and raw material requirements, according to the company.

Natcore began building its processing station on March 15, and expects that completion of the first production phase will take eight to ten weeks. After testing and adjustments, if necessary, the device will be shipped to TLNZ in China. The sale's closing is contingent upon a successful test by TLNZ.

SOURCE: Natcore Technology Inc.

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