Chinese Government Rejects Trade Decision On Solar Module Dumping


The Coalition for American Solar Manufacturing cheered the U.S. International Trade Commission's Dec. 2 decision that there is a ‘reasonable indication’ that the Chinese government's trade practices are harming the U.S. solar manufacturing sector.

However, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce has immediately voiced its disagreement.

‘The ruling was made without sufficient evidence showing the U.S. solar panel industry has been harmed,’ the ministry said in a Chinese-language statement, translated and cited by Bloomberg.

The ruling was made ‘regardless of defense opinions from Chinese firms, as well as opposition from the U.S. domestic industries and other stakeholders, which prominently shows the U.S.' strong inclination to trade protectionism and for which China is deeply concerned,’ the agency continued.

According to the Chinese Commerce Ministry, if the U.S. government implements tariffs or other trade remedies, cooperation between the U.S. and China in the renewable energy sector will be adversely affected.

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