Chiral Photonics Introduces Sensor For Concentrating Solar Power Applications


Chiral Photonics has extended its Helica line of sensors with a fiber-optic temperature sensor designed for applications that require stability to 1000 degrees C – such as for the efficient and safe operation of concentrating solar power technologies.

The sensor is based on the company's chiral grating technology, in which a monolithic glass fiber is twisted as it is passed through a miniature heat zone to produce a distinct dip in the transmission spectrum. The spectral position of the dip in the chiral fiber changes with temperature, allowing it to act as a temperature sensor.

The company says the sensor features a 1% accuracy range, 0.01 nm/degree C (nominal) sensitivity, 15 mm sensor/grating length, and it is placed 25 mm from the probe tip. Sensor packaging can be tailored to the application.

Chiral Photonics: (973) 732-0030

SOURCE: Chiral Photonics

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