Christopher Associates Introduces High-Power Soldering Iron For Solar Applications


Christopher Associates Inc., a supplier and distributor to the electronics and chemical processing industries, has initiated operations in the solar market with the introduction of the Unicon 108XL high-power soldering iron for high-mass solar cell soldering applications.

Available in 150 W and 300 W versions and using a high-mass soldering tip, the Unicon 108XL features precision control, fast recovery time and the ability to use solder wire up to 2 mm in diameter. The Unicon 108XL is especially useful in high-temperature applications, such as when using lead-free solder, the company says.

Christopher Associates is also solidifying North America distribution agreements for solar products such as EVA film, aluminum and silver pastes for cell manufacturing, silicone sealants, junction boxes and aluminum framing.

Christopher Associates: (714) 979-7500

SOURCE: Christopher Associates

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