Chromasun Completes Solar Thermal System At SCU


Industrial rooftop solar solutions company Chromasun and its partners have activated a 60-collector solar thermal system at Santa Clara University (SCU).

SunWater Solar, based in Richmond, Calif., installed the system, which features the Chromasun MCT module – a utility-scale flat-plate solar thermal collector packaged for rooftop deployment that utilizes solar energy for commercial and industrial cooling, space heating and hot water needs.

The Chromasun MCT panels will produce an estimated 6,727 therms of energy annually and heat water to 200 degrees F for Benson Memorial Center's dining services. Heating water with solar energy rather than with natural gas will reduce the building's water heating bills by as much as 70%, according to Chromasun.

The project was completed under the California Solar Initiative-Thermal (CSI-T) program. Chromasun is applying for a CSI-T rebate on behalf of SCU, and initial calculations show a CSI-T rebate value of approximately $86,240.Â

SOURCE: Chromasun

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