City Of Madera Inaugurates 1.1 MW PV Installation


The City of Madera, Calif., has joined solar electric system provider REC Solar and solar energy services provider SunEdison in activating a newly completed 1.1 MW solar installation at Madera's wastewater treatment facility.

The project required no up-front costs from the city and is expected to meet an estimated 62% of the facility's power needs. REC Solar managed the design and construction of the solar power system, which covers more than nine acres of land and utilizes dual-axis system trackers along with REC Group solar panels.

Under a power purchase agreement between SunEdison and the City of Madera, SunEdison will finance, operate and maintain the solar power plant, and the city will purchase the energy produced to offset demand from the grid at predictable energy rates for 20 years.

SOURCE: SunEdison

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