City Of Palo Alto Approves New Photovoltaic Feed-In-Tariff Program


The Palo Alto, Calif., city council has approved implementation of a new initiative called Palo Alto CLEAN (Clean Local Energy Accessible Now).

Under the feed-in-tariff (FIT) program, the City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU) will purchase locally produced solar energy at a fixed rate of $0.14/kWh for 20 years, according to national advocacy organization CLEAN Coalition.

CPAU will begin accepting applications for power contracts on April 2. In the program's first year, the city's goal is to contract for up to 4 MW of solar energy delivered by systems located on local large commercial rooftops in Palo Alto.

The city plans to expand the program to include smaller sites and a wider range of energy-generating technologies in the future. Further details on the program are available here.

‘Palo Alto CLEAN will expand clean local energy production while only increasing the average utility bill by a penny per month,’ says Yiaway Yeh, mayor of Palo Alto. ‘The program is a major step toward meeting our goal of supplying 33 percent of our electricity with renewable energy by 2015 without significant rate increases.’

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