City Of Tempe Moves Closer To Renewable Energy Goal


The East Valley Bus Operations and Maintenance Facility in Tempe, Ariz., will soon be soaking up the sun as crews work to complete a 537 kW solar project that will provide 33% of the transit facility’s power needs.

When the project is completed this month, the City of Tempe says it will be 1.5% closer to reaching its 20% renewable energy goal, with 8% of the city’s operations powered by renewable energy. The project features 1,704 solar modules installed atop existing bus ports and is expected to generate savings of more than $411,000 in utility costs over 20 years.

“This project brings together two of the city’s main energy conservation and sustainability efforts, combining a public transit facility with solar energy production,” said Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell. “The EVBOM solar installation furthers Tempe’s ongoing commitment to the environment, reducing pollution with clean energy use while saving money.”

In June 2014, the City of Tempe approved a goal to power 20% of city operations with clean energy by 2025, and as mentioned, the addition of the EVBOM solar project will bring the city’s total to 8%. According to the city, Tempe’s existing solar projects include the following:

  • Police/Courts building in downtown Tempe – 263 kW system; 12% of the building’s energy needs; 20-year savings of $145,800.
  • South Water Treatment Plant – 924 kW system; produces 15% of the plant’s energy; 20-year savings of $2.3 million.
  • Library Complex – 800 kW system; provides 30% of the complex’s energy needs; 20-year savings of $95,000.
  • Kiwanis Recreation Center – 372 kW system; produces 30% of the center’s energy needs; 20-year savings of more than $115,000.

Tempe says it will begin construction on its next solar project at the Johnny G. Martinez Water Treatment Plant in early December.

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