Clean Power Research Introduces SolarAnywhere FleetView


Clean Power Research has unveiled SolarAnywhere FleetView, a tool designed to provide insights into the impact of distributed PV on grid operation.

SolarAnywhere FleetView addresses the need for fleet management by enabling utilities and independent system operators (ISOs) to cost-effectively and reliably integrate distributed PV into the grid, allowing for higher PV penetration and reducing costs for utilities, ratepayers and PV system owners.

As more PV systems are installed in a given area, variability poses a challenge for utilities and ISOs that are responsible for grid stability. SolarAnywhere FleetView offers a scalable approach to estimating and analyzing the impact of any defined fleet of PV systems, whether the systems are located on a distribution feeder or spread across a load balancing area, the company says.

The tool can collect irradiance data at the short time intervals required to calculate ramp rates for planning and short-term forecasting. Its high-resolution data represent the first satellite-derived irradiance data available in the U.S. with a resolution of 1 km x 1 km at one-minute intervals, Clean Power Research adds.

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