Clean Power Research Introduces SolarAnywhere SystemCheck


Clean Power Research has rolled out SolarAnywhere SystemCheck, a set of services designed to provide consistent, real-time PV performance baselines for the management of distributed PV fleets.

SystemCheck allows residential leasing companies, installer and financing networks, and monitoring companies to use an alternative to on-site measurement equipment for comparing expected system performance to actual performance, the company explains.

As a result, third-party owners can optimize operation of their distributed residential and commercial PV resources to maximize energy production and return on investment, and monitoring companies are able to offer new, lower-cost benchmarking features to their customers.

‘When it comes to optimizing PV power production, it's not enough to know how much power a system is producing,’ notes Jeff Ressler, president of software services at Clean Power Research. ‘You also need to know how much it should be producing based on the location, system specifications and actual solar resource at any given time.’

SystemCheck provides a real-time feed of modeled PV system production via an application programming interface for use in custom-software solutions. Production is calculated using SolarAnywhere irradiance data and a PV production model based on work done at Sandia National Labs.

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