Clear Skies Group Delivers Solar Power Supply Units


Clear Skies Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Clear Skies Solar Inc., has delivered 25 units of its new, proprietary Solar Power Supply (SPS) to a New Jersey-based vehicle monitoring company. With a charging period of only two days of sunlight, the SPS will power sensitive electronic data monitoring devices for up to 14 days without sunshine.

‘The customer had very specific power requirements that necessitated an extremely stable and accurate power supply,’ says Ezra Green, chairman and CEO of Clear Skies Solar. ‘Because of our advanced, internal research and development department, Clear Skies Solar was able to meet the client's needs by designing and constructing the Solar Power Supply specifically for the company's unique purposes.’

The proprietary Solar Power Supply circuitry and solar modules are rated for outdoor use and will last for 25 years or more, the company notes.

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