Clear Skies Solar Begins Engineering On Cantil Project


Clear Skies Solar Inc., a provider of turnkey solar electricity installations and renewable energy solutions, has initiated project engineering on an $11 million, 3.2 MW solar farm in Cantil, Calif., to be built on 34 acres of company-owned land.

Less than three months ago, Ezra Green, CEO and chairman of Clear Skies Solar, told the Wall Street Journal that a California project was stalled due to a lack of funding, the company says. Since that time, module prices have fallen as much as 30%, re-starting stalled projects such as Clear Skies' Cantil solar farm.

‘Although this project will be smaller than initially anticipated, the use of thin-film technology will offer our investors a substantially higher return, which investors are now demanding under current economic conditions,’ Green says. ‘I anticipate that competing technologies and increased manufacturing capacity brought on by massive investments at manufacturing factories will continue to reduce the cost of module prices.’

SOURCE: Clear Skies Solar Inc.

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