Clear Skies Solar Completes Monitoring System Field Testing


Clear Skies Solar Inc. says it has successfully completed field testing on its patented XTRAX Solar Energy Monitoring System, which delivers reliable, autonomous data readings for solar energy systems.

‘Completion of field testing brings us one step closer to bringing our XTRAX Solar Energy Monitoring System to market,’ says Ezra Green, chairman and CEO of Clear Skies Solar. ‘Field tests have indicated successful calibration of units and show that the XTRAX unit will provide the best performance in energy systems monitoring at the best value for both solar energy customers and the carbon credit aggregators.’

Clear Skies Solar says XTRAX is the first product of its kind to handle the trading of carbon credits and associated billing procedures. Currently, energy production from small solar installations are only estimated, leaving carbon credit aggregators with unverified production values that can result in substantial financial losses. With XTRAX, production values can be guaranteed within plus or minus less than 1%.

‘Now that we have successfully calibrated all versions, we will soon be seeking industry certification, which will include the testing and qualification of our proprietary clear coil current sensor,’ Green adds.

Clear Skies Solar: (516) 809-0498

SOURCE: Clear Skies Solar,

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