Clear Skies Solar Develops XTRAX Monitoring Technology


Clear Skies Solar Inc. (CSS) has introduced its patented XTRAX technology through its subsidiary, Carbon 612 Corp. (C612). C612 was formed in 2008 to house technologies that have been developed in-house by CSS.

XTRAX technology is a wireless data-monitoring system for renewable energy systems. The cellular-powered data-transmittal unit tracks energy produced, along with the renewable energy and carbon credits associated with clean energy systems, the company explains.

The system is now in final stages of preparation for commercial launch. Following the transfer of the XTRAX technology, along with related assets and liabilities, about one-third of C612 will be sold in the initial funding round to a group of private investors.

With over 150,000 solar installations in the U.S. and hundreds of thousands of additional sub-system monitoring requirements, there is a large target market for XTRAX, according to the company. The sub-system monitoring would consist of string, inverter and panel monitoring using a combination of radio and cellular technology in order to keep system downtimes to a minimum and production efficiency at a premium.

Clear Skies Solar: (516) 282-7652

SOURCE: Clear Skies Solar

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