Clear Standards Unveils Clean Technology Spend Optimization Solution


Clear Standards Inc., a provider of enterprise carbon management and sustainability solutions, has introduced the CleanTech Spend Optimizer, a component of the Clear Standards Analyze product line. Clear Standards CleanTech Spend Optimizer provides the decision support system to evaluate and select projects that yield the best return on investment as energy prices, clean technologies and government policies evolve, the company explains.

CleanTech Spend Optimizer provides blueprints for common projects such as solar panel installations, based on mathematical models developed by the World Resources Institute and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. These blueprints can be extended by Clear Standards customers or consulting partners to incorporate additional parameters of specific technology vendors, or accommodate business metrics such as brand value.

According to Clear Standards Inc., the solution supports global corporations by enabling project evaluation across different regions, using relevant currencies and other localized parameters. Clean technology companies can also leverage this solution to help their sales force easily demonstrate the return on investment of their products to prospects and customers.

SOURCE: Clear Standards Inc.

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