ClinchPartner Releases Tool For Solar Product Assembly


Switzerland-headquartered ClinchPartner Inc. has introduced the ClinchMaster MX 4, a battery-powered tool for fastener-less assembly of sheet material used in solar product manufacturing. According to the company, the product provides complete operator mobility, making it suitable for in-field installation tasks as well.

The cordless clincher is based on an electro-hydraulic drive unit featuring
14.4 V lithium-ion battery technology and is capable of supplying a clinching force of no less than 60 kN, ClinchPartner says. The unit – including its battery – weighs 5.3 pounds and can be charged within one hour at 220 V or 110 V.

A variety of clinching tongs, including punch-and-die sets adapted to the thickness and the type of the material to be assembled, are available, the company adds. All clinching tongs can pivot 180 degrees around the drive-unit axis.

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