CLOU Signs BESS Purchase Order with Stella Energy


CL Energy Storage Corporation (CLOU) has signed a purchase order with Stella Energy Solutions to deliver approximately 480 MWh of containerized battery energy storage systems and 200 MW of PCS Skid to support Stella’s clean energy projects.

Based in Texas, Stella develops and constructs energy storage and solar infrastructure projects. It has built and operated more than 2 GW of utility-scale battery storage projects in the region. CLOU has established strategic agreements with several companies, including Stella, to promote the development of energy storage businesses worldwide. 

“Stella, as a company dedicated to advancing renewable energy solutions, possesses abundant resource advantages and operational experience in the American energy storage market,” says CLOU’s Zhou Han. “This collaboration marks an important step for CLOU in the American market and will contribute to the implementation of industry-leading energy storage products in the region, supporting the local market’s transition to clean energy.”

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