CNPV Earns IEC Certification For Crystalline Solar Modules


CNPV Dongying Photovoltaic Power Co. Ltd. – a producer of ingots, wafers, cells and solar modules – says that ICIM/Euro Test Lab, based in Italy, has awarded the International Electro Technical Commission (IEC) certification to several lines of its solar photovoltaic modules.

The certified monocrystalline models range from 200 Wp to 250 Wp and include CNPV-200M, CNPV-210M, CNPV-220M, CNPV-230M, CNPV-240M and CNPV-250M. The certified polycrystalline modules range from 190 Wp to 240 Wp and include CNPV-190P, CNPV-200P, CNPV-210P, CNPV-220P, CNPV-230P and CNPV-240P.

IEC certification parameters and tests include subjecting the modules to sunlight and UV, extreme climate conditions and mechanical loads; general inspection; testing for potential electrical shock, fire and personal injury hazards; and other performance metrics.

SOURCE: CNPV Dongying Photovoltaic Power Co. Ltd.

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