CNPV Formalizes Positive Power Tolerance Goals


CNPV Solar Power SA, an integrated manufacturer of solar photovoltaic products, says it has formalized its practice of providing solar photovoltaic modules with a positive tolerance.

CNPV explains that it routinely supplies its solar PV modules with a positive tolerance based upon the modules' rating label. The historical written commitment has been to provide modules with a positive/negative tolerance as is common industry practice.

However, the previous written commitment has a wider tolerance than operational activities and is, therefore, being repositioned to reflect the company's ongoing commitment to provide increased value for large-area modules.Â

‘As of today, we have broken from the industry standard and formalized our position that all modules will be of equal or greater power output than the rating label up to a maximum of 3 percent,’ says Bypina Veerraju Chaudary, CNPV's chief operating officer. ‘Within this +3 percent tolerance, we have a further segregation of power outputs – we carry out sub-binning based upon the Imp (maximum power current), to ensure that each module is within 1 percent of its collective neighbors within the pallet.’

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