Coalition Calls For 1.2 GW Of Solar By 2020 In Los Angeles


A coalition of elected officials, businesses, public health professionals, environmental groups and veterans is calling on Los Angeles to meet 20% of its energy needs with rooftop solar power by 2020.

The group also announced the release of a new Environment California Research & Policy Center report, ‘Solar in the Southland,’ detailing the environmental and economic benefits of rooftop solar for Los Angeles.

According to the report, reaching the 20% by 2020 goal would require Los Angeles to install 1.2 GW of local solar power. Such development could create about 32,000 job-years of employment, the report adds.

"Solar power is a no-brainer for Los Angeles," says Michelle Kinman, clean energy advocate with Environment California Research & Policy Center and author of the report." With our abundant sunshine, our miles upon miles of rooftops and our love of new technology, Los Angeles has all of the ingredients necessary to be the nation's solar power capital, bringing cleaner air and more local jobs to the area."

A list of individuals, businesses and organizations that have endorsed the 1.2 GW rooftop solar goal can be found HERE.

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