Cogenra Introduces Ground-Mounted Concentrating PV System


Cogenra Solar has introduced its T14 ground-mount concentrating photovoltaic power system for large distributed and utility-scale generation.

The Cogenra T14 draws on the company's experience with solar cogeneration systems to combine silicon PV cells, flat-glass mirrors and single-axis tracking for a low concentration photovoltaic system. The company says the T14 receiver enables the module to achieve $0.50/W.

Cogenra says steel-backed segmented mirrors concentrate the sunlight 14 times. The thermal management system allows for integrated waste heat recovery as an option for cogeneration applications such as large-scale district heating and cooling plants, and thermal energy storage for on-demand power generation. The coompany says the T14 is fully compatible with industry-standard balance-of-system components, field layout and installation.

Cogenra says it also has secured third-party power purchase agreement financing for its installations in the U.S. The first T14 installation is under way at Red Rock Ranch in Five Points, Calif.

Washington Gas Energy Systems has signed a deal with Tucson Electric Power to build, own and operate a 1 MW solar energy project in Arizona using the Cogenra array. The project is expected to be complete in April 2014.


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