Cogenra Receives Funding From California Solar Initiative Program


Cogenra Solar, a provider of distributed solar cogeneration systems and renewable energy service solutions, has been awarded a $1.5 million research grant from the California Solar Initiative Research, Development, Deployment and Demonstration Program.

The funding will support the accelerated development and commercial deployment of Cogenra's proprietary solar cogeneration technology and will finance the company's demonstration project at Sonoma Wine Co. in Graton, Calif.

Cogenra's solar cogeneration product encompasses photovoltaic and solar thermal technologies that work in tandem to efficiently produce solar hot water and electricity, the company says. The 272 kW electric and thermal installation at the Sonoma Wine Co. employs 15 individual Cogenra SunBase modules to support the facility's bottling operations.

Cogenra and the Sonoma Wine Co. will contribute matching funds of $2.7 million, bringing the total research project value to over $4 million. In addition to the commercial deployment of Cogenra's technology, the funding will support the rollout of a solar-as-a-service model specifically designed to address the benefits and extended savings of solar cogeneration while eliminating cost and operational barriers to customers, Cogenra adds.

SOURCE: Cogenra Solar

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