Coherent Introduces New Lasers For Solar Cell Manufacturing


Coherent Inc. has released three new lasers that are designed to offer higher output power and increased throughput levels for solar cell manufacturing applications, including edge isolation, laser-grooved buried contacts and dielectric ablation.

Specifically, new AVIA lasers now deliver output power levels of 28 W at the short ultraviolet wavelength of 355 nm, and 45 W in the green at 532 nm. Each of these lasers represents the highest power level within its class, the company says. In addition, a new Paladin laser now delivers ultra-fast 80 MHz trains of picosecond pulses with power levels up to 16 W at 355 nm.

AVIA lasers have been qualified within numerous cell and panel manufacturing steps for both crystalline-silicon and thin-film production lines. Recently, the Paladin lasers have found complementary application adoption in which the further benefits of short pulsewidths provide cleaner material ablation at high speed, Coherent adds.

Coherent Inc.: 44 07802238775

SOURCE: Coherent Inc.

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