Coherent Unveils Mamba Solid-State Laser


Santa Clara, Calif.-based Coherent Inc. has introduced the Mamba, a 525 W (at 1064 nm), diode-pumped, solid-state laser designed for high-throughput materials processing applications, such as edge deletion of solar panels.

According to the company, the Mamba derives its reliability from its PermAlign construction for drift-free, long-term alignment of its resonator optics, pump diodes fabricated using Coherent's long-lived AAA material, and indium-free hard solder pump diode packaging for extended lifetime. Â

The Mamba is configured as a compact laser head and separate power supply, making it easy to integrate into production machinery where space is a consideration, the company adds. In addition, the laser is offered with a fiber delivery option.

The Mamba also includes Pulse OnDemand, which is a suite of features (including single-shot and burst-mode operation, and first pulse equalization) that make it possible to utilize every pulse produced by the laser. A patented, optical attenuator is integrated inside the main laser housing and further facilitates process development and optimization, Coherent says.

Coherent Inc. (408) 764-4130

SOURCE: Coherent Inc.

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