Colorado City Aims To Be 100% Solar With Solar Garden Deal


Manitou Springs, Colo., has signed a contract with SunShare to provide up to 100% of its city facilities' energy needs from community solar.

The energy will be generated by SunShare's 2 MW solar garden, which it is building under an award by Colorado Springs Utilities. The array, which consists of approximately 3,000 solar panels, is expected to be completed this summer.

The decision marks the culmination of a public process lasting several months, including presentations to the Manitou Springs City Council, public comments and a work session.

The deal with SunShare will fix the city's energy costs at current rates, insulating the city from fossil fuel prices. Meanwhile, the city will double its 2020 carbon-reduction goals five years ahead of schedule, with a greater than 60% reduction in total carbon emissions produced by the city's use of electricity, natural gas, gasoline and solid waste.

‘Manitou Springs wants to set an example for our community and cities across the nation to follow our lead with this program,’ says Mayor Marc Snyder, in a statement. ‘Not only will our city facilities be powered by solar, but thanks to Colorado Springs Utilities, every resident and business in Manitou Springs now has the ability to join us in this community solar program.’

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