Colorado Solar Advocates Commend PUC Decision On Net Metering


Colorado solar leaders applauded the decision by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to leave its net-metering policy unchanged, calling it a ‘fair outcome’ for the state's consumers, utilities and solar industry.

In oral deliberations, PUC Chairman Joshua Epel and Commissioner Pam Patton agreed there is no need to change the key policy that provides those who choose to install solar on their rooftops retail credit for the energy they produce. Epel also reiterated that all parties agree that, if solar customers meet technical requirements, utilities must allow interconnection.

A written order providing greater clarification is expected soon.

‘We believe net metering provides an important right for consumers to generate their own clean energy and receive fair credit for power they are sharing with neighbors,’ says Rebecca Cantwell, executive director of the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association. ‘This decision will hopefully provide confidence to people who are considering going solar that this key policy will remain in effect.’

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