Commerce Dept. Raises Countervailing-Duty Rates On Chinese Solar Companies


The U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) has found additional subsidies benefiting Chinese producers of solar cells and modules, according to the Coalition for American Solar Manufacturing (CASM).

As a result, the new countervailing-duty rates would increase to 3.44% for Suntech, which previously was assigned a rate of 2.9%, and to 5.81% for Trina Solar, which previously was assigned a rate of 4.73%.

According to the CASM, the rate for all other Chinese solar companies would also increase, because the"all-others," rate is a weighted average of the Trina and Suntech rates.

The CASM also claims DOC investigators announced they found that the Chinese government illegally supplied electricity to Chinese solar producers at a discounted rate. This subsidy increased the duty by 0.44% on Suntech and 0.47% on Trina, according to the CASM.

In addition, the DOC found numerous illegal grant programs, which added another 0.59% for Trina and 0.04% for Suntech.

The DOC's final determination on the Chinese solar tariffs is expected to occur this October.

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