Community Power Fund Approves Grants For Ontario Solar Projects


The Community Power Fund, founded in 2007 by the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, has approved six new grants to communities across Ontario. The projects include a solar/wind project at a mosque in Maple, a solar/geothermal project at the Buckhorn Community Centre and a Toronto housing cooperative solar thermal initiative.

AMJ Canada, an Islamic community organization in Maple, was approved for a pre-feasibility grant of $5,000. The organization plans to explore the possibility of installing a solar hot water and thermal heating system as well as two 100 kW wind turbines at the site of the Baitul Islam mosque and community center.

Buckhorn Community Centre is investigating options for an energy retrofit and received a pre-feasibility grant of $3,000 to explore the possibility of installing a geoexchange and solar hot water system at the Centre.

Windward Co-operative Homes is a federal housing co-op on the Toronto waterfront. Last fall, it successfully completed a feasibility study for a solar thermal installation, which was funded by the Community Power Fund. Now, the co-op has been approved for a project development grant of $47,000 to complete the remaining development work.

SOURCE: The Community Power Fund

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