Companies Open First Solar-Powered Hydrogen Fueling Station


Proton Energy Systems, a provider of on-site hydrogen generation, and SunHydro, an upcoming chain of hydrogen fueling stations, have opened their first station at 10 Technology Dr. in Wallingford, Conn., the companies' headquarters.

The solar-powered station in Connecticut marks the start of the East Coast Hydrogen Highway, a project SunHydro is creating to make it possible to travel from Maine to Florida on sun and water, the companies explain.

The SunHydro hydrogen fueling station will have limited public access to start and full public access in the future. According to the companies, it will offer businesses and government vehicles a quick and easy option to fill up their fuel cell vehicles and will provide the infrastructure to support broader availability of fuel cell vehicles, which is expected in 2015.

SOURCE: SunHydro

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